The History Behind Business IT Essentials

Hello, my name is Ivo. I am the founder and the person behind Business IT Essentials.

Business IT Essentials was created in 2002 in New York City.

Initially involved in supporting exclusively one of the largest banks on Wall Street and its private clients, I subsequently applied the same business principles that governed our work there to my Business IT Essentials’ clients. In the rapidly changing internet world and the overly crowded web services market, our core client service values of integrity, transparency, professional excellence, confidentiality, and respect are what makes us stand out from the competition. Our ‘client first’ approach is embedded in each and every interaction with our clients, with you.

New York City
Ivo Piskov
Ivo Piskov
Founder & Director

As a result, Business IT Essentials has been around for 20+ years now, has worked with hundreds of clients across 4 continents in hundreds of industries.

Our clients come to us and stay with us because they know how important it is to have someone they can trust with taking care of their personal or business website.

Our clients seek our services because they want the peace of mind that their websites are in good hands.

Our clients work with us because we save them time and money by providing complete care for their websites for a low fixed monthly price and an unbeatable 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our clients love us for the personal attention they receive, our quick responses, problem resolution skills, and of course our affordable services.

Give us a try — I guarantee you’ll never go back to your old ways!

How We Help Our Clients

Our clients come to us for all sorts of help. Here’s a short list of some problems we helped them with

Before finding out about our great services, these business owners would spend tons of their precious time looking for help EVERY TIME they had a problem — and problems did come often!

Now they simply come to us every time they need help with something and we do the rest!

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Our great service comes with an UNBEATABLE 100% satisfaction guarantee


We are absolutely certain that you will LOVE the personal attention, reliable service, and quick turnaround that we provide, almost as much as you love our affordable low fixed prices!

Try our service for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, we INSIST that you get your money back.

No one else comes even close to offering something like this!

Turn Your Prospects Into Clients

Let us take complete care of everything related to your website, so you stop worrying about all the technical stuff and start concentrating all your time where it matters the most – your own business