Do you know someone who runs their own business?

Chances are they have a website and they need help with it

With BITE's unlimited website & IT support, that's one less thing for them to worry about

Sign up as an affiliate, refer customers to us, and you will earn 10% of that sale. Not once but for as long as they stay our clients!

How does it work?

Our affiliate program is simple - we give you a special link which you send to potential clients and if they sign up for our service, you get 10% of that sale.
But that's not all! We will actually pay you that 10% for as long as your referral remains our client!

Why sign up as an affiliate?

Well, commissions. Every time you recommend our services to someone and when your referral results in a new formation, we pay you the 10% referral fee. The more people you send to us, the more you can earn.

Small payments add up. Let's say you refer 5 people and they signed up for the $99 plan and kept it for a year - you have just made an extra income of $495.
Let's take it one step further - say you place a link on your relatively low traffic website and have 5 people sign up every month. You can easily do that — this is about a person each week. Well, congratulations, you have just made yourself a recurring yearly revenue of $5940.
Not bad, er?

Due to the great service we provide, we have an extremely low refund rate and our high quality landing page yields an excellent conversion rate. Which means that many people that see our page and need this service, sign up. And for you this means you get paid often and consistently.

Commission payout is each month so you will never need to wait long to receive your commission.

How you can make this work

If you have your own website then excellent! Simply place our affiliate link on it, and start earning.

If you have access to a network of small business owners, even better. Tell them about our service using your affiliate link. Many of your friends are probably looking for a reliable service like ours right now and need your help to find the right one.

We make it easy for you to achieve and track successful referrals, by providing colorful web banners and text links carrying your unique tracking ID.

The Fine Print

  • We pay 10% a month for all new Standard and Business plan subscribers you bring in. We don't pay anything for Basic plan subscriber referrals.
  • We will pay your commission until your recommended customers' accounts are active and in good standing. We stop paying out referral commissions if they discontinue their account for any reason
  • We pay out referral commissions monthly, as long as your accrued payout has gone over $100. If you haven't reached $100, we roll it over to the next month.

That's it! Fill out this form to apply now!